Compensation Committee Advisory Services

In today's ever-changing environment of corporate governance scrutiny, it is critical for your organization to have independent, unbiased advice on executive compensation and related matters. Veritas Compensation Consultants provides this independent view, coupled with a unique combination of up-to-date design and legal and technical expertise.

The job of a Compensation Committee today is distinctive, and requires both knowledge of, and experience in, compensation and human resources issues. It also requires keen insight into investor sentiment toward particular sorts of compensation arrangements.

Compensation Plans that Will Withstand Any Scrutiny

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants will pilot your company’s Compensation Committee through the shifting seas of regulation to meet the highest criteria of good governance—integrating clear and transparent processes that will withstand any scrutiny.

We will enable your company to mandate the specific role and functioning of the Compensation Committee so that it is clearly separate from that of management. We are strong advocates that these functions remain dynamic in terms of processes between management and the compensation committee. Furthermore, we will carefully design innate processes for your compensation committee to deal with issues pre-emptively rather than handling them on a crisis basis.

Our Up-to-Date Executive Compensation Expertise

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants have current technical expertise in all areas of executive compensation and have conducted a number of proprietary studies on best practices among high-performing companies. We bring you personalized and responsive service and we will facilitate all compensation committee proceedings in order to achieve optimal results.

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants Committee Services

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants offers a comprehensive suite of services for Compensation Committees seeking to retain an independent advisor including:

  • Committee Planning and Process Assistance;
  • Compensation Risk Assessment;
  • Drafting and Review of CD&A and Compensation-Related SEC Disclosure Filings;
  • Executive Compensation Program Audits;
  • Guidance on Institutional Investor Policies and Inquiries (ISS, Glass-Lewis, FMR, etc.);
  • In-Depth Review of Technical Issues Associated with Accounting, Tax, SEC, etc.;
  • Management Compensation Program Proposal Analysis; and
  • Ongoing Updates on Significant Trends, Developments and Best Practices.