Incentive Design

Our consultants design annual bonus plans, long-term performance plans and transaction-related incentives that are tailored very specifically to each client. We have lengthy experience in addressing some of the most sophisticated and complex executive compensation issues that face organizations today.

When Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants develop a pay plan for your company, you can be certain that it is well-balanced and that it aligns with shareholder interest, especially when combined with appropriate stock ownership guidelines. We interpret all current regulation of financial incentives thoroughly in order to achieve the most beneficial results for your company.

Incentive design pay plans by Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants focus on total return to your shareholders, with thorough attention to operational measures such as earnings per share and return measures, such as return on assets.

Assessment of Business Strategies and Performance

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants provides an in-depth assessment of business strategies and performance and identification of optimal performance metrics that drive sustainable performance. We establish goals that align with your corporate objectives, are fair to your executives and key stakeholders and calibrate pay with sustained performance.

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants Incentive Design Process

Our process typically includes:

  • Accounting and Economic Cost Analysis;
  • Benchmarking of Competitive Incentive Design;
  • Comprehensive Industry Analysis;
  • Detailed Absolute and Relative Performance Assessments;
  • Modeling of Payout and Performance Scenarios;
  • Performance Metric Selection and Goal-Setting; and
  • Reward Vehicle Selection.
Incentive Design