Corporate Governance

The responsibilities associated with your company’s board membership have increased substantially. Directorships are faced with expanded responsibilities as a result of continually evolving board governance regulations and disclosure requirements which impose greater demands on the directors’ time as well as potential liability.

Increasingly, companies are seeking directors that have a detailed knowledge of the business, which significantly narrows the pool of credentialed candidates and at the same time, increases their tenure and market rate.

Expert Corporate Governance Advisory

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants provides judicious guidance to your company in making any decisions regarding business structure and governance by carefully weighing the benefits against the tax and liability consequences.

These decisions may involve how to write and observe bylaws and articles of incorporation, how the Board of Directors operates, what to consider when purchasing Director & Officer liability insurance, and what steps to take when creating a joint venture.

Board Performance Evaluation and Corporate Governance

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants creates customized governance approaches designed to best promote the success of your company. Our collaborative approach is supported by rigorous analytics and extensive real-time experience working with companies in many industries and enables us to provide broad support for Boards of Directors in a number of key governance areas.

Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants Corporate Governance Services

Our services typically cover the following topics:

  • Board of Directors Compensation;
  • Compensation Committee Process;
  • Board, Committee, and CEO Performance Evaluations;
  • Executive Succession Planning;
  • New Director Orientation; and
  • Training Sessions on Broad Market Developments.